custom-software-development-the-woodlandsCustom Software development is the general designing of software applications for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Such software is usually designed to address their needs precisely as opposed to the more widespread and traditional off the shelf software. The software is basically created just for that specific entity by a third party by contract or in house group of software developers and is usually not packaged for reselling purposes.

We approach custom app development with the same focus on value and utility that we have for all our development processes and practices. Whether you are developing a mobile app for your sales team to generate quotes and place orders on the go or a simple tool for your clients to check on the real time status of their order or even a registration system for your offsite marketing events, we have the knowhow and the experience to create effective apps. We do appreciate that in some circumstances a client needs a native application, in that regard, we are adept at building both Android and iOS apps. Our web apps not only perform what they are required to do but also add onto and enhance your legacy or custom applications.

We build secure, reliable and rich-feature web applications which rival if not surpass common desktop capabilities. We use the latest technologies in PHP, WordPress, Cold-Fusion and SharePoint to build responsive designs and develop modern web applications. All the software which we design for the web is well suited for different, custom business applications that not only enable a competitive advantage but stream line processes so as to allow clients and business partners to connect in unique and efficient ways. Using modern web technologies, we develop for our clients applications with relatively complex business functionalities that are readily available online and easy to reach using a relatively simple browser bookmark combined with some rich user interfaces as well.

Further to the above, we have a strong software application development team whose expertise and experience is virtually unmatched. With vast knowledge in .net, C# and SQL server, we build applications, business databases and productivity tools for workgroups and businesses as a whole. Our SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) is a hybrid between the standard SDLC and Agile development; this means that we work closely with our clients to define business requirements and objectives, developing your software over a series of several incremental stages. Driven by the desire to get it right the first time, the team believes in measuring twice and cutting once. We constantly provide our clients with progressively refined estimates, both on cost and schedule through the entire cycle of the project so that all our clients can ably control their core priorities.

For any custom software development Moore Concepts should be your first stop. Feel free and get in touch with us, our team of professionals will be more than willing to constructively engage you regarding the problem at hand; we promise to get back to you within the shortest time possible, usually one working day or less. For us, no project is too small or too big, irrespective of its size, our level of professionalism and commitment remains unchanged.

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