Virtualization is the creation of a virtual rather than actual version of an operating system, a network resource, a storage device or a server. It is a proven software technology that makes it possible to run multiple operating systems and applications on the same server at the same time. As specialists in this area, we provide solutions in several areas; these include but are not limited to Hardware or Server, Software, Storage and Network virtualization. We mainly use VMware and Hyper-V to achieve the above.

For hardware, our VM software includes the Virtual Machine Manager or Hypervisor, allowing our clients to create virtual machines and install the guest Operating system (OS) on the virtual machine created, this is advantageous since it allows for the installation of different types of OS on a single machine. We offer a variety of hardware virtualization such as Full, Para, Partial and Hardware Assisted Virtualization.

For software , the OS is virtualized on the server, allowing users to run multiple versions of the same OS on one server, we simply allow users to create the container or zone on the native operating system and then run the installation command so as to populate the zones with the current versions of the installed OS.

For Storage, we basically take a storage device and then proceed to share the storage with multiple servers. We can do this on the Logical Unit Number (LUN) level or opt to run it on a File Centric Level such as CIFS or NFS.

For Network, we simply take your network and then create virtual LANs or vLAN’s on the network. We can easily do this on the server or do it on the switch. Irrespective of the type of virtualization, it is bound to increase IT scalability, agility and flexibility while creating some significant cost savings. We help deploy your workloads faster, increase instances of availability and automate your operations, this does result in an IT system that’s not only simple to mange but also less costly to operate and own.

We offer enterprise Information Security for our clients!